International Conference on Youth (ICYOUTH 2013):
"Engaging Youth for Nation Building"
28 Oct 2013 (Pre Conference), 29 - 31 Oct 2013 (Conference Day)
Mines Wellness Hotel Sri Kembangan, Selangor, MALAYSIA
Institute for Social Science Studies, UPM


The well-being of young people is a standing agenda for every country. Today's youth are not only the citizens of the future, but vital players upon which the continuity of development and national progress depends. It is crucial for young people to acquire the competencies necessary for their own empowerment to allow them to become active and engaged
participants in nation building and social development.

The second International Conference on Youth (ICYOUTH2013) in partnership with Poverty Eradication Foundation (YBK), aims to provide a forum for the presentation and exchange of ideas, issues and trends related to youth engagement as a strategy and critical input to national and social development. Diverse perspectives are sought from those who work with and on behalf of young people from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds including practitioners, program participants and policy makers.

We invite academicians, researchers, graduate students, stakeholders, youth professionals, NGOs and other interested parties to participate by exchanging and sharing their experiences, ideas, and research findings in the second International Conference on Youth (ICYOUTH2013). In cooperation with the International Journal of Adolescence and Youth, authors of selected papers will be invited to publish in a special issue on youth engagement in Southeast Asia, or in book chapters. There will be a Best Paper and Best Presenter Award. So, hurry up and join us.


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